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Just Rock Gladstone

Formed in 2002, Just Rock Gladstone is a local dance club, offering 4-Step and Rockabilly lessons for beginners and experienced dancers as well as social get-togethers.

Just Rock Gladstone is a not for profit Incorporated organisation that is overseen by a committee of volunteers who are passionate about Rock n Roll and providing a positive and fun experience for all.

The club currently has around 60 + members of varied ages and visitors and new members are always welcome.

Weekly dance classes are held on Thursday evenings from 7pm at the Gladstone Bowls club where a variety of dances and routines, that are predominantly rock n roll based, are offered to attendees by experienced volunteers.

The club provides exceptional live bands at major dances organised 4+ times per year which are open to anyone wishing to attend. They also provide lessons from experienced teachers from outside the local area at a minimum of once per year. (all advertised on fb or our dance and events page).

Just rock Gladstone endeavour to provide social rock n roll dance experiences to all stakeholders so that they can learn and develop their dance skills, whilst ensuring rock n roll lives on through the decades.

Linking to the community is a priority and to this end just rock Gladstone members are happy to take part in community events wherever possible. This may include but is not limited to demonstrations, attending social functions and providing dance lessons.

For Just Rock Gladstone it’s all about FUN and FRIENDSHIP!

Just Rock - Rock n Roll Dancing Gladstone

History of Rock n Roll Dance

During the development of the musical genre rock and roll, dances to go with the music were also created. From Swing, which came into being around 1920 Lindy Hop emerged, the first partner dance ever to feature acrobatic elements

A 1959 dance book describes “Rock ‘n’ Roll” as “performed without undue tension, the body and legs being flexible, so that there may be a physical rhythmic expression of co-ordination with the beats of music.” “…a dance which leaves much scope for personal expression and interpretation in style, movement, rhythm, and even in the manner in which the figures are constructed.” The basic rhythm is Quick, Quick, Slow, Slow.

In the mid-1950s American rockabilly and rock and roll music was taken up by local rock musicians and it soon caught on with Australian teens, through films, records and from 1956, television. Then began the rock n roll dance craze in Australia.

Membership Fees:

Entry Fees:

Membership year: October 1st ~ September 30th

Adult membership $25.00 per person

Junior membership $15.00 per person

Yearly entry fee is only available from October 1st ~ September 30th

Yearly entry Fee $200.00 per person

Weekly entry fee:  $5.00 per person members and

                                 $10.00 per week non-members

General Meetings & Committee Meetings

General Meetings are held twice per year.

The next General meeting date is to be advised. Members are welcome to attend.

Committee meetings are held on the second Monday of each month. Only committee members can attend. Please contact a committee member if you would like anything discussed at the committee meeting or email