All beginners welcome

As a beginner you are an integral part of our club, without you Rock n roll would not continue through the decades.

All attendees are welcome and will be treated with courtesy and respect and will be provided with an enjoyable, social experience.

Taking classes at a rock n roll club is perfect if you want to learn and make friends at the same time

As with any new skill, beginners have to master the basics first. If you’ve enrolled in rock and roll dance lessons, and have never danced before, don’t worry because your teacher will start you at the beginning.

To make an impact on the dance floor, you only need to know how to put a few basic moves together and at Just Rock Gladstone volunteers with many years of experience will provide you with lessons to help you do so. Having a solid foundation beforehand is essential for rock and roll dancing and helps you advance from beginners level to intermediate quickly. Once you’ve mastered the basic steps and learned a few simple moves, you’ll continue to progress while gradually refining your dance style.

The two styles of Rock n roll that Just Rock Gladstone provide do require two people so bringing a dance partner is preferable as are slippery soled shoes or socks to dance in.

You are encouraged to stay  after the beginners’ lesson and practice while immersing yourself in the rock n roll atmosphere.

Just Rock Gladstone Teachers

Beginners 4 Step Lessons
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